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Sunday, May 29, 2011

SNAP 2004 - Verbal Ability - Online Test - Part 1

Directions for questions 1 – 10: Choose the best answer among the listed alternatives. Alternatives 1,
2, 3 and 4 are for the first blank and A, B, C and D for the second blank.

1. 1. _______________ is to constitution as prologue is to _______________
1. Independence 2. Law 3. Preamble 4. Amendment
A. Eulogy B. Write C. Play D. Epilogue
2C   1D   3C  4D 

2. _______________ is to horse, as bray is to
1. Drive 2. Hoof 3. Neigh 4. Saddle
A. Relay B. Pony C. Wagon D. Donkey
1D   1A   3A   3D 

3. _______________ is to distance as kilogram is to _______________.
1. far 2. meter 3. Europe 4. travel
A. heavy B. ounce C. weight D. noise
2A  2B  2C  1A 

4. _______________ is to never as all is to _______________.
1. always 2. usually 3. seldom 4. often
A. none B. whole C. every D. total
1A   4D   2B   4A 

5. _______________ is to rain as dam is to _______________.
1. cloud 2. fog 3. water 4. umbrella
A. electricity B. flood C. high D. spillway
3B  1B  4B  1A 

6. _______________ is to pacifist as religion is to _______________.
1. war 2. atlantis 3. object 4. conscience
A. devout B. sacred C. atheist D. minister
4C  4B  1C  4A 

7. _______________ is to bird as shedding is to _______________.
1. calling 2. flying 3. migrating 4. moulting
A. barn B. dog C. hay D. farm
4A   4B   2C  2A 

8. _______________ is to England as lira is to _______________.
1. London 2. pound 3. king 4. colony
A. Italy B. mexico C. mandolin D. Money
1A  1B  1D  2A 

9. 9. _______________is to Canada as Rangoon is to _______________.
1. Detroit 2. Florida 3. Toronto 4. Alberta
A. Indonesia B. Burma C. East Pakistan D. Ceylon
2B   3B   3D   3A 

10. ___________ is to all as part is to ____________.
1. each 2. right 3. none 4. full
A. whole B. separate C. role D. many
1A   4B   1D   4D 

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