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Sunday, May 29, 2011

SNAP 2004 - Verbal Ability - Online Test - Part 2

Direction: Select two words which are most nearly the SAME in meaning, or OPPOSITE in meaning.

11. a. comical b. pretentious c. tragical d. climatic
ac  bc  ab  da 

12. a. deliberate b. increasing c. involuntary d. incorrigible
dc  bd  ac  cd 

13. a. sagacious b. extravagant c. fastidious d. meticulous
cd  db  bc  ac 

14. a. dilatory b. querulous c. compatible d. omnivorous
ac  bd  dc  cb 

15. a. extravagance b. prodigality c. edification d. acrimony
dc  ab  bc  ca 

Part I       Part II       Part III       


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