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Sunday, May 29, 2011

MBA Entrance General Knowledge Online Test - Part 2

11. The Football World Cup final 1998 was played between
France and Brazil   Brazil and Germany  Brazil and Spain   Italy and Brazil 

12. Graham Thorpe is a well known name in the game of
Table tennis   Lawn tennis   Baseball   None of these 

13. The Indian cricketer addressed as Jumbo is
Anil Kumble   Zaheer Khan   Ramesh Powar   Yuvraj Singh 

14. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee” is a title given to
Mohd Ali   Bruce Lee   Mike Tyson   Graham Thorpe 

15. Which country has bagged football World Cup four times?
Brazil   France   Italy   None of these 

16. The name “Pulela Gopichand” is associated with
Lawn tennis   Table tennis   Kabaddi   Badminton 

17. Geet Sethi is a former _________ champion.
Badminton   Football   Billiards   Chess 

18. Name the country that introduced bodline bowling in cricket.
Australia   West Indies   South Africa   New Zealand 

19. Wrestling show WWF is now known as

20. The name Kerry Packer is associated with
Cricket   Football   Basketball   Volleyball 

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