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Sunday, May 29, 2011

MBA preparation - GK Online Test - Part 1

1. Who created the character, James Bond?
Ian Buster   Ian Fleming   Ian Bosewell   None of these 

2. Hindi movie Mughal-e-Azam was directed by
K - Asif   Abdul Kareem   Mehboob   Nadia brothers 

3. The first Indian talkie movie was
Jahanara   Alamara   Aag   Khayal 

4. The title “Historic Man” was given to
Jalauddin   Sohrab Modi   Mohd Yasin   Mirza Younis 

5. The first ever Indian (from Bollywood) to be given a chance for Hollywood movie
Devanand   Raj Kapoor   I.S. Johar   Dilip Kumar 

6. The movie based on the life of Haji Mastan is
Dewaar   Don   Nehle Pe Dehla   Heera Panna 

7. 872 runs scored in a day, was ODI played between
Australia - England   Australia - South Africa  England - South Africa   South Africa - New Zealand 

8. The name “Baichung Bhutia” is associated with
Football   Hockey   Polo   Derby 

9. Which country bagged maximum medals in the 18th Commonwealth Games?
China   England   New Zealand   Australia 

10. The first ever Test victory in Pakistan against the hosts was under the captainship of
Saurav Ganguly   Rahul Dravid   Kapil Dev   Mohd. Azharuddin 

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MBA Entrance General Knowledge Online Test - Part 2

11. The Football World Cup final 1998 was played between
France and Brazil   Brazil and Germany  Brazil and Spain   Italy and Brazil 

12. Graham Thorpe is a well known name in the game of
Table tennis   Lawn tennis   Baseball   None of these 

13. The Indian cricketer addressed as Jumbo is
Anil Kumble   Zaheer Khan   Ramesh Powar   Yuvraj Singh 

14. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee” is a title given to
Mohd Ali   Bruce Lee   Mike Tyson   Graham Thorpe 

15. Which country has bagged football World Cup four times?
Brazil   France   Italy   None of these 

16. The name “Pulela Gopichand” is associated with
Lawn tennis   Table tennis   Kabaddi   Badminton 

17. Geet Sethi is a former _________ champion.
Badminton   Football   Billiards   Chess 

18. Name the country that introduced bodline bowling in cricket.
Australia   West Indies   South Africa   New Zealand 

19. Wrestling show WWF is now known as

20. The name Kerry Packer is associated with
Cricket   Football   Basketball   Volleyball 

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General Knowledge Online Test for MBA Aspirants - Part 3

21. The term Rabbit is associated with
Cricket   Swimming   Golf   Volley ball 

22. Renowned sitar player Ravi Shanker’s debut as a Music director was for the movie
Kasam   Krishna   Payal   Meera 

23. The title “Little Master” goes with
Sunil Gavaskar   Sachin Tendulkar   Brian Lara   Alan Border 

24. Greg Norman signature championship is associated with
Chess   Cricket   Golf   Snooker 

25. Name the movie in which Amitabh Bachan played a triple role
Mahaan   Kasuti   Sate Pe Satta   Raste Ka Pathar 

26. The movie based on 1962 Indo-China war is
Hindustan Ki Kasam   Akraman  Des Pardes   Haqueekat 

27. Rishi Kapoor for the first time on the Cinema screen, which movie we are talking of
Bobby   Rafoo Chakkar   Mera Nam Joker   Kalia 

28. Shiv Kumar Sharma is well known for his performance in
Flute   Piano   Sitar   Santoor 

29. “Dadra” is
Railway station   A village in M.P.   Raga   Musical instrument 

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SNAP 2004 - Verbal Ability - Online Test - Part 1

Directions for questions 1 – 10: Choose the best answer among the listed alternatives. Alternatives 1,
2, 3 and 4 are for the first blank and A, B, C and D for the second blank.

1. 1. _______________ is to constitution as prologue is to _______________
1. Independence 2. Law 3. Preamble 4. Amendment
A. Eulogy B. Write C. Play D. Epilogue
2C   1D   3C  4D 

2. _______________ is to horse, as bray is to
1. Drive 2. Hoof 3. Neigh 4. Saddle
A. Relay B. Pony C. Wagon D. Donkey
1D   1A   3A   3D 

3. _______________ is to distance as kilogram is to _______________.
1. far 2. meter 3. Europe 4. travel
A. heavy B. ounce C. weight D. noise
2A  2B  2C  1A 

4. _______________ is to never as all is to _______________.
1. always 2. usually 3. seldom 4. often
A. none B. whole C. every D. total
1A   4D   2B   4A 

5. _______________ is to rain as dam is to _______________.
1. cloud 2. fog 3. water 4. umbrella
A. electricity B. flood C. high D. spillway
3B  1B  4B  1A 

6. _______________ is to pacifist as religion is to _______________.
1. war 2. atlantis 3. object 4. conscience
A. devout B. sacred C. atheist D. minister
4C  4B  1C  4A 

7. _______________ is to bird as shedding is to _______________.
1. calling 2. flying 3. migrating 4. moulting
A. barn B. dog C. hay D. farm
4A   4B   2C  2A 

8. _______________ is to England as lira is to _______________.
1. London 2. pound 3. king 4. colony
A. Italy B. mexico C. mandolin D. Money
1A  1B  1D  2A 

9. 9. _______________is to Canada as Rangoon is to _______________.
1. Detroit 2. Florida 3. Toronto 4. Alberta
A. Indonesia B. Burma C. East Pakistan D. Ceylon
2B   3B   3D   3A 

10. ___________ is to all as part is to ____________.
1. each 2. right 3. none 4. full
A. whole B. separate C. role D. many
1A   4B   1D   4D 

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SNAP 2004 - Verbal Ability - Online Test - Part 2

Direction: Select two words which are most nearly the SAME in meaning, or OPPOSITE in meaning.

11. a. comical b. pretentious c. tragical d. climatic
ac  bc  ab  da 

12. a. deliberate b. increasing c. involuntary d. incorrigible
dc  bd  ac  cd 

13. a. sagacious b. extravagant c. fastidious d. meticulous
cd  db  bc  ac 

14. a. dilatory b. querulous c. compatible d. omnivorous
ac  bd  dc  cb 

15. a. extravagance b. prodigality c. edification d. acrimony
dc  ab  bc  ca 

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SNAP 2004 - Verbal Ability - Online Test - Part 3

Choose the best answer among the listed alternatives.

16. One major obligation of the social psychologist is to provide his own discipline, the other social
sciences, and interested laymen with conceptual tools that will increase the range and the reliability of
their understanding of social phenomena. Beyond that, responsible government officials are today
turning more frequently to the social scientist for insights into the nature and solution of the problems of
with which they are confronted.
The above argument assumes that:
(A) Social psychologist must have a strong background in other sciences as well as their own.
(B) The social scientist has an obligation to provide the means by which social phenomena may be
understood by others.
(C) Social phenomena are little understood by those outside the field of social psychology.
(D) A good social psychologist is obligated principally by the need to solve inter-disciplinary


17. Once a company has established an extensive sales network in a foreign market and therefore has
achieved substantial sales, it seems that these markets should be treated in a very similar fashion to
those in one’s own country. It is therefore in those countries where only initial sales and representation
have been developed where marketing methods will have to differ from domestic activities.
The above statement assumes that:
(A) Sales network can be the same in both foreign and domestic markets.
(B) Extensive sales networks are preferable to less developed ones.
(C) Larger markets abroad are more adaptable to domestic marketing methods.
(D) A study of marketing should consider the adaptability of advertising campaigns in different


18. Equality of opportunity has long been prominent as a goal in many countries. In Europe and America
there has also been advocacy of more equality of income - the results after taxes of what a person gets
for his efforts and the yield of his property. Many western politicians believe this concept of equality
should be implemented in developing countries in order to speed economic development. Which of the
following, if true, could weaken the argument above?
(A) In a poor society, total income is so low that if it were distributed equally, no one could save
enough to provide resources for investment.
(B) The marginal dollars in the hands of people with large incomes provide less utility than those with
lower income.
(C) High achievement in many societies is due to equality of incomes.
(D) Equality of opportunity is not necessarily synonymous with equality of income.


19. In 1985 there were 20 deaths from automobile accident per 1,000 miles traveled. A total of 20,000 miles
were traveled via automobiles in 1985. In the same year, 800 people died in airplane crashes and 400
people were killed in train disasters. A statistician concluded that it was more dangerous to travel by
plane, train, and automobile, in that order.
Which of the following refuses the statistician’s conclusions?
(A) There is no common denominator by which to compare the number of deaths resulting from each
mode of travel.
(B) One year is insufficient to reach such a conclusion.
(C) More people travel by car than any other mode of transport, therefore, the probability of a car
accident is greater.
(D) The probability of being killed in a train disaster and as a result of a car crash is the same.


20. Product shipments of household appliances are expected to rise to $17 billion next year, an average
annual increase of 8.0 percent over the past five years. The real growth rate, after allowing for probable
price increases, is expected to be about 4.3 percent each year, resulting in shipments this year of $14
billion in 1987 dollars. Each of the following, if true, could help to account for this trend EXCEPT:
(A) Increased consumer spending for durable products.
(B) Consumer disposable income has increased.
(C) The consumer price of electricity has decreased.
(D) Individual tax advantages have decreased.


21. Each year’s increase or decrease in the trade deficit (merchandise imports greater than exports) is
calculated in relation to the previous year’s. In 1976, imports of private vehicles were 10 percent higher
than in 1975, while imports of vehicles including commercial vans was 15 percent higher than in 1975.
That 15 percent increase was one and half times the increase recorded in 1975.
If the formation above is accurate, which of the following must be true?
(A) In 1976, the increase, if any, of commercial vehicle imports was smaller than the increase in
imports of private vehicles.
(B) In 1976, the increase, if any of commercial vehicle imports was greater than the increase in
imports of private vehicles.
(C) In 1975, more commercial vehicles were imported than private vehicle.
(D) The average number of private vehicles imported in 1975 declined.


Direction: Choose the correct alternative.

22. Somebody told you, ___________?
Isn’t it  Wasn’t it  Didn’t he  Didn’t they 

23. ___________ fast.
News travels   News travel   A news travels   The news travel 

24. She ___________ in the morning because she gets up late
always has to hurry   has always to hurry   has to always hurry   has to hurry always 

25. There is ____________________.
hair in the soup  hair in soup  a hair in soup  a hair in the soup 
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