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Friday, March 25, 2011

General Knowledge Paper for MBA Aspirants - Part 1

1. ALLORDS is a stock exchange in
Russia   Holland   UK   None of these 

2. Max Toffees is a product of
HLL   P × G   Parte   Daurala 

3. “Its very very Sexy” is a punch line of
Kama Sutra   Nakshatra   Garden Saree   None of these 

4. George Bush (the US President) visited India in
March 2006   Feb 2006   Dec 2005   Jan 2006 

5. How many countries participated in the 18th Common Wealth Games
86   76  100  71 

6. OSCAR awards - 2006 Best story
Crash   Syriana  Broke Back Mountain   Kingkong 

7. Ponds Femina Miss India 2006 was
Natasha Suri   Amrita Thappar   Neha kapur   Neha Chawla 

8. Maharasthra Nav Nirma Sena” is a party formed by
Raj Thackrey   Sharad Pawar   Udhav Tharkay   Gopinath Munde 

9. Temple of Freedom” is a title given to
Durga temple, Maharashtra   Amer Fort
  Rajghat   None of these 

10. Which of the following was known as Cellular Jail
Tihar Jail   Central Jail Agra   Fort Mount   Andamans 

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