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Friday, March 25, 2011

General Knowledge Paper for MBA Aspirants - Part 2

11. Life Maker” is a product of
Ranbaxy   Alembics   Brittania   None of these 

12. Project Tiger” was launched in
1973   1974   1978   1981 

13. As a captain Rahul Dravid played his first Test in
Baroda   Ahmedabad   Calcutta   Mohali 

14. The old name of Taiwan was
Taiwa   Wanton   Formosa   Affeema 

15. Ramcharita Manas is written by
Valmiki   Sant Tulsidas   Tulsiram   None of these 

16. The first person to travel in space was
Neel Armstrong   Edger Barrows   Eldrin   Yuri Gagrin 

17. The first international film festival in India was held in
1956   1952   1953   1960 

18. Project Bhasa” is a project from
Microsoft India   Satyam  Central Hindi Institute   U.P. Govt 

19. Number one selling shampoo in Asia is
Pantene   Sunsilk   Head and Shoulders   Rejoice 

20. Noble prize (peace) winner Mohd Yunis is a citizen of
Pakistan   Africa   Iran   None of these 

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