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Friday, March 25, 2011

General Knowledge Paper for MBA Aspirants - Part 1

1. ALLORDS is a stock exchange in
Russia   Holland   UK   None of these 

2. Max Toffees is a product of
HLL   P × G   Parte   Daurala 

3. “Its very very Sexy” is a punch line of
Kama Sutra   Nakshatra   Garden Saree   None of these 

4. George Bush (the US President) visited India in
March 2006   Feb 2006   Dec 2005   Jan 2006 

5. How many countries participated in the 18th Common Wealth Games
86   76  100  71 

6. OSCAR awards - 2006 Best story
Crash   Syriana  Broke Back Mountain   Kingkong 

7. Ponds Femina Miss India 2006 was
Natasha Suri   Amrita Thappar   Neha kapur   Neha Chawla 

8. Maharasthra Nav Nirma Sena” is a party formed by
Raj Thackrey   Sharad Pawar   Udhav Tharkay   Gopinath Munde 

9. Temple of Freedom” is a title given to
Durga temple, Maharashtra   Amer Fort
  Rajghat   None of these 

10. Which of the following was known as Cellular Jail
Tihar Jail   Central Jail Agra   Fort Mount   Andamans 

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General Knowledge Paper for MBA Aspirants - Part 2

11. Life Maker” is a product of
Ranbaxy   Alembics   Brittania   None of these 

12. Project Tiger” was launched in
1973   1974   1978   1981 

13. As a captain Rahul Dravid played his first Test in
Baroda   Ahmedabad   Calcutta   Mohali 

14. The old name of Taiwan was
Taiwa   Wanton   Formosa   Affeema 

15. Ramcharita Manas is written by
Valmiki   Sant Tulsidas   Tulsiram   None of these 

16. The first person to travel in space was
Neel Armstrong   Edger Barrows   Eldrin   Yuri Gagrin 

17. The first international film festival in India was held in
1956   1952   1953   1960 

18. Project Bhasa” is a project from
Microsoft India   Satyam  Central Hindi Institute   U.P. Govt 

19. Number one selling shampoo in Asia is
Pantene   Sunsilk   Head and Shoulders   Rejoice 

20. Noble prize (peace) winner Mohd Yunis is a citizen of
Pakistan   Africa   Iran   None of these 

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General Knowledge Paper for MBA Aspirants - Part 3

21. The Indian personality on the cover page of Forbes Magazine 2006
Indira Nooyi   Mukesh Ambani   Naseruddin Shah   Rahul Bajaj 

22. In the year 2006 the government released a list of _________ brands of medicine whose price the pharma industry had volunteered to reduce in a 0.26 - 0.75 per cent range
946   876   886   741 

23. Sanjeev Aga is the CEO of
Airtel   Idea   Hutch   Birla Sun life 

24. Sutlej Textile is a group company of
K.K. Birla group   S. Kumars   J.K. group   I.T.C. 

25. The word “Wall Street” is associated with
Trading of gold   Trading of crops  Trading of cement   Trading of stocks and shares 

26. TV Jingle “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” is for
Fairness cream   Paints   Jewellery   None of these 

27. The “Title Big Bull” was given to
Adnan Sami   Joseph Hanger   Harshad Mehta   Mike Tyson 

28. “Duramile” is a
Tyre   2 Toil   Gear   Mobil oil 

29. Richard Zennino is the CEO of
BMW   Honda motors  Nestle International   None of these 

30. The 11th football World Cup was played in
France   Germany   Japan   Argentina 

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